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Rachel Seville

Recent University of Pennsylvania grad Rachel Seville moonlights as the wordy genius behind the fashion blog Pizza Rulez. She agreed to this interview after an introduction at a Lindsay-Lohan-themed party thrown by two female journalists, to which she arrived late from a “jazz loft party in Chelsea” wearing a trash bag as a cape over her mother's old black mink coat. (From the blog: “Aforementioned mink coat, made of several baby animal pelts all strung together inhumanely with commercial strength threads.”)

chatted with Rachel in her apartment on Friday night as she served champagne in china teacups.

How much irony are we supposed to read into Pizza Rulez?

What did you say?

How did you go from being an undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania to fashion blogging in the city?

What is the creation myth behind the blog?

On Pizza Rulez, a hyperlink is as likely to lead the viewer to Barney's CO-OP, as a Google Image Search for “Outstanding Chinese Woman,” as a clip from Bringing Up Baby. I feel compelled to click on 30 links in a single blog post.

Do people know who you are?

Do you get free clothes?

How do you pay for your clothes?

Your boyfriend doesn't have a job, right?

How did you two meet?

You often layer watches on the blog. Are they synced to the correct time?

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

Do women ever try to borrow your clothes?

What's with living on the Upper East Side?

What would you tell someone who wanted to change their life?