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To our most loyal readers:

You might have noticed something as you picked up this issue of The Eye—namely, that you can pick it up. (To our readers online: Make sure to grab a printed copy of The Eye in Spectator's special Year In Review issue.)

Ever since The Eye went off print in the fall of 2014, the magazine underwent a period of readjustment—finding our foothold in the digital-first Spectator and devising ways to publish coherent and compelling content without the physical frames of bound paper.

First launched in 2006, this year marks the 10th anniversary of The Eye, and we owe our legacy to the editors who first imagined that there was a place for ambitious long-form journalism at Spectator.

Throughout the past year, we at The Eye have not lost sight of that initial aim to provide quality long-form journalism that rounds out our understanding of one another and of the campus itself, through original, proactive, and bold reporting presented in eloquent narrative prose.

From stories that help us better understand our peers (those who undergo loss at college or those who strive to maintain their faith) to those about our community (the East Asian community divide, gentrification in Morningside Heights, how we talk about grades) and the University (Lerner Hall, Columbia's branding strategy), we hoped to create an evolving but illustrative portrait of how we exist at Columbia.

Included in this year in review issue are some of our favorite pieces from the year. We hope you emerge, upon reading, with a keener eye (pardon the pun) in discerning the many folds of Columbia life.

Infinite hugs and thanks to our team of writers and editors—it's been a real honor. I stand on the shoulders of quirky, sensitive, beautiful giants.



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Learning In Grief

by Charlotte Goddu







by Rania Abi Rafeh





Bad Apples: The Fruits of Racism at Apple Tree

by Alexander McNab

Check out a letter to the editor by the owner of Apple Tree here.


Coming Back After The Military

by Crystal Lua






Double Bubble: Life In Two Different Worlds

by Alexander McNab






A World Worth Mourning For

by Anonymous






The Joke And Its Teller

by Parth Chhabra






Unearthing The Underground

by Jesse Chase-Lubitz and Kara Schechtman






Lerner Is A (Quintessential) Columbia Building

by Mikhail Klimentov





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