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The Greek Judicial Board’s decision would have effectively ended ZBT’s presence at Columbia had the appeal failed. Instead, the chapter will now remain active and is prepared to follow a plan of action that has been created and approved by the University, according to a statement from ZBT international.

The Columbia chapter of Zeta Beta Tau has successfully appealed the decision to revoke its charter, international fraternity leadership said Wednesday.

Dean of Student Affairs Kevin Shollenberger's ruling averts the effective death sentence the Greek Judicial Board gave to ZBT in February in response to a hazing infraction.

Shollenberger made the final decision on Monday after reviewing the case and meeting with both the judicial board and members of ZBT to discuss the appeal.

"Zeta Beta Tau, founded as the world's first Jewish fraternity, is grateful for the trust and support of Columbia University in our ability to create a model chapter on campus and in the community," the statement said.

The statement did not specify the status of ZBT's brownstone on 115th Street between Broadway and Riverside Drive.

"The Delta Chapter looks forward to restoring its rich legacy while returning to its founding ideals and values. An organization focused on our Mission, Credo, and Ritual is exactly what Delta Chapter seeks to build at Columbia University," the organization said.

In moving forward, ZBT international said that "the undergraduates and alumni are eager to partner with the University, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Delta alumni, and the ZBT International Headquarters as we foster a true non-pledging and non-hazing Brotherhood focused on our Mission."

University administrators were not immediately available for comment Wednesday.

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