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File Photo / Jasmine Weber / Staff Photographer

Members of the Engineering Student Council convene for a weekly meeting.

Engineering Student Council Vice President of Finance Neha Jain, SEAS '17, announced the opening of a new resource library located in the Lerner Hall basement, which will allow student groups to check out resources such as speakers, projectors, and other technology.

To check out resources, student group leaders must send in a form to the councils and then request the desired equipment the night before they need it. Students can then go to the Student Government Office on the fifth floor of Lerner Hall between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., where a council member will be available to go and retrieve the requested items from the basement.

The library was spearheaded by Columbia College Student Council in conjunction with ESC, General Studies Student Council, the Student Governing Board, and the Activities Board at Columbia, and will be run by council representatives.

Jain said that the council will publicize more the resources more offered in the coming weeks.

ESC President Caroline Park, SEAS '16, also announced that she and Vice President for Campus Services Scott Wright reached a compromise regarding higher-quality toilet paper at their most recent meeting—an issue that both ESC and CCSC have been working on since last semester.

Although Park said it would be too costly to update the toilet paper at every campus facility, higher-quality paper will be made available at the Hartley Hospitality Desk for any student who asks for it.

A push by the council for free tampon distribution is also underway. Park is currently requesting that Columbia Health Services offer free tampons to students in the same manner that condoms are offered. According to Park, Wright said that this opened up a discussion about what goods should and should not be offered as free necessities to students.

Park said that she will continue to work with Wright to have free tampons offered on campus, citing their necessity and noting their cost as a major obstacle for students who require them.

Engineering Week, an event celebrating engineering students, is also set to begin at the end of this week. The event will include giveaways, a barbecue dinner, an industry showcase, an open mic, and a basketball game in appreciation of SEAS. | @julianamkaplan