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Madeline Wu for Spectator

The Barnard College admissions office poses with acceptance letters in the lobby of Milbank Hall.

Get ready to welcome Barnard's incoming class of 2020.

With a 16 percent admit rate, this year marks the lowest in the college's history, according to a Barnard spokesperson. The college, which officially sent out admissions decisions to applicants on Thursday evening, received a total of 7,071 applications for this admissions cycle. Last year, Barnard admitted 19.5 percent of applicants.

The incoming class of 2020 is a significant one for Barnard. In addition to being the first class to have applied under the college's new transgender admissions policy, which considers for admission any applicants "who consistently live and identify as women, regardless of the gender assigned to them at birth," the new class will be the first to take part in the college's new general education requirements, Foundations, which will replace the Nine Ways of Knowing.

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