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The new resource provides a space for students to ask questions their experience at Columbia College and view personal reflections from alumni, faculty, and staff.

Columbia College has launched “My Columbia College Journey,” a resource that provides students with a range of testimonies on the CC experience, Dean of Columbia College James Valentini announced in an email to students on Tuesday.

First proposed by members of the Committee on Instruction, a group of faculty members who oversee CC curricula, “My Columbia College Journey” serves as a platform for students to share their perspectives on and submit questions about CC, as well as view personal reflections from alumni, faculty, and staff.

According to the email, over 100 faculty members as well as alumni leaders from the Columbia College Board of Visitors and the Columbia College Alumni Association assisted in the development of “My Columbia College Journey.”

The initiative highlights 13 essential skills, labelled “Core Competencies,” that are seen as critical foundations of “self-reflection, self-assessment and ongoing personal development” for all CC students.

The newly-launched website for “My Columbia College Journey” can be found here.

Read the full email below:

Dear Students,

Many of you have now heard me talk about Beginner’s Mind — the idea of engaging the world without preconceptions, as if you’re seeing everything for the first time. Today I’m excited to announce a new tool that will utilize that Beginner’s Mind to enhance your mindfulness about your Columbia College experience: My Columbia College Journey.

My Columbia College Journey grew out of faculty conversations in the Committee on Instruction during the 2015–2016 academic year, in which we sought to provide a shared language on the skills, capacities and capabilities that all Columbia College students should aim to develop during their time here. With feedback from more than 100 faculty members, students and staff as well as alumni leaders, we now present this tool to you as a way for you to reflect on your journey, build your story and write your own narrative.

From deciding which clubs you’ll join on Activities Day next fall to selecting a major next spring, My Columbia College Journey encourages you to think about what you like and don’t like, what you are good at and where you need to grow, what you have learned, are learning or would like to learn. As your journey continues, you’ll begin to see how My Columbia College Journey is interwoven with every part of your experience, now and after graduation.

We invite you now to take your next steps into self-reflection and self-assessment through the My Columbia College Journey website, a resource which can help you make thoughtful decisions about your life as a Columbia College student — and beyond. | @ColumbiaSpec

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