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The Columbia College Student Council and the Engineering Student Council announced election results for the 2021-22 academic year Monday morning. Less than 30 percent of the Columbia College and SEAS student bodies voted in student council elections this year. Over half of all CCSC races were unopposed; the same was true for over 75 percent of ESC races.

Despite five rules violations reported to the Columbia Elections Commission, only one candidate was found guilty of a “major” rules violation. Erick Zent, CC ’24 and a member of the Pantone Party, defied Article I, Section II of CEC’s guidelines, which discusses the proper routes of communication between candidates and the elections commission. As a result, Zent was stripped of 15 percent of his votes divided by the two candidates but still was victorious in his race.

This year, CCSC introduced the position of the religion representative. However, no candidate secured the win—about 40 percent of voters chose to abstain from voting in the religion representative election. Moving forward, a religion representative will be appointed by CCSC.

Read the full election results below. Winners are listed in bold text.

University Senate (Columbia College representatives)

Colby King: 35.45 percent

Brandon Shi: 25.76 percent

Abstain: 14.96 percent

Daniel Meadvin: 10.28 percent

Claire Schweitzer: 7.73 percent

Oliver Hyman-Metzger: 5.78 percent

University Senate (SEAS representative)

Elias Tzoc-Pacheco: 48.62 percent

Tal Zussman: 33.19 percent

Abstain 18.18 percent


Student Body President and VP of Policy

Rads Mehta and Krishna Menon (CU Again!): 83.16 percent

Abstain: 16.83 percent

VP of Campus Life

Elsa Chung (CU Again!): 80.44 percent

Abstain: 19.55 percent

VP of Finance

Sophia Adeghe (CU Again!): 80.95 percent

Abstain: 19.04 percent

VP of Communications

Teji Vijayakumar (CU Again!): 79.67 percent

Abstain: 20.32 percent

Class of 2022 President

Eva Bogomilova (CU In-Person): 70.63 percent

David Wang: 10.46 percent

Phillip Ruddy: 10.17 percent

Abstain: 8.72 percent

Class of 2022 Vice President

Arya Rao (CU In Person): 82.84 percent

Abstain: 17.15 percent

Class of 2022 Representative

Jennifer Wang (CU In-Person): 27.59 percent

Zayba Qamar (CU In-Person): 26.91 percent

Wesley Schmidt (CU In-Person): 26.09 percent

Christian Revels-Robinson: 12.15 percent

Abstain: 7.24 percent

Class of 2023 President

Charlie Wallace (VaCCine): 77.37 percent

Abstain: 22.62 percent

Class of 2023 Vice President

Dyuti Dawn (VaCCine): 80.65 percent

Abstain: 19.34 percent

Class of 2023 Representative

Erin Choi (VaCCine): 28.52 percent

Gabriel Herrera (VaCCine): 25.8 percent

Samantha Breslauer (VaCCine): 25.64 percent

Annie Tan: 14.58 percent

Abstain: 5.44 percent

Class of 2024 President

Erick Zent (Pantone Party): 58.48 percent

Armaan Banerjee: 36.8 percent

Abstain: 4.72 percent

Class of 2024 Vice President

Kathan Reddy (Pantone Party): 87.83 percent

Abstain: 12.16 percent

Class of 2024 Representative

Christy Adeyami (Pantone Party): 24.01 percent

Priya Chainani (Pantone Party): 23.83 percent

Maria Stuebner (Pantone Party) 17.85 percent

Cesar Leon Jr: 11.87 percent

Jay Alvidrez: 11.16 percent

Dale Mcenany: 8.26 percent

Abstain: 2.99 percent

Academic Affairs Representative

Joshua Collier: 78.82 percent

Abstain: 21.17 percent

Student Services Representative

Virginia Lo: 61.54 percent

Albert Hao: 20.53 percent

Abstain: 17.91 percent

Pre-Professional Representative

Anthony Adessa: 46.08 percent

Camden Lee: 29.33 percent

Abstain: 24.57 percent

Alumni Affairs Representative

Sina Fayaz Monfared: 56.46 percent

Abstain: 25.34 percent

Justin Ghaeli: 18.19 percent

First Generation Low-Income Representative

Jaine Archambeau: 74.74 percent

Abstain: 25.25 percent

Disabilities Representative

Avi Adler: 78.65 percent

Abstain: 21.34 percent

Race and Ethnicity Representative:

Aixa Flores-Dominguez: 51.28 percent

Kwolanne Felix: 34.61 percent

Abstain: 14.1 percent

Gender and Sexuality Representative

Adam Kluge: 77.97 percent

Abstain: 22.02 percent

International Students Representative

Chukwuma Orji: 53.95 percent

Blake Jones: 28.31 percent

Abstain: 17.72 percent

Transfer Students Representative

Shelly Michael: 65.56 percent

Abstain: 26.61 percent

Zachary Becker: 7.82 percent

Religion Representative

Abstain: 39.06 percent

Ali Winter: 23.17 percent

Mohammed Khalil: 20.67 percent

Grace Eldridge: 14.79 percent

Aliza Abusch-Magder: 2.28 percent


Student Body President and VP of Policy

Kennedy Salamat and Angel Mancera (nySEAS): 89.85 percent

Abstain: 10.14 percent

VP of Finance

Naomi Kim (nySEAS): 89.21 percent

Abstain: 10.78 percent

VP of Student Life

Matthew Wahl (nySEAS): 87.52 percent

Abstain: 12.47 percent

VP of Communications

Shomik Ghose (nySEAS): 87.52 percent

Abstain: 12.47 percent

Class of 2022 President

Estevan Mesa (Comeback SEASon): 87.5 percent

Abstain: 12.5 percent

Class of 2022 Vice President

Ahmet Cem Karadeniz (Comeback SEASon): 83.65 percent

Abstain: 16.34 percent

Class of 2022 Representative

Rose Chrin (Comeback SEASon): 45.08 percent

Sophia Sagandyk (Comeback SEASon): 43.93 percent

Abstain: 10.98 percent

Class of 2022 3+2 Representative

Blossom Parris (Comeback SEASon): 85.57 percent

Abstain: 14.42 percent

Class of 2023 President

Vish Rao: 84.29 percent

Abstain: 15.7 percent

Class of 2024 President

Malik Javaid (Pantone Party): 56.54 percent

Maria Rice (WISP): 39.71 percent

Abstain: 3.73 percent

Class of 2024 Vice President

Geneva Ng (Pantone Party): 48.59 percent

Valeria Rojas (WISP): 46.26 percent

Abstain: 5.14 percent

Class of 2024 Representative

Suheyla Tozan: 33.96 percent

Sophia Olmeda (WISP): 33.33 percent

Steven Gutterman: 27.35 percent

Abstain: 5.34 percent

Academic Affairs Representative

Nikhil Mehta: 63.63 percent

Eloy Sanchez: 24.31 percent

Abstain: 12.05 percent

Sustainability Representative

Lynne Irvin: 88.37 percent

Abstain: 11.62 percent

Campus Affairs Representative

Sergio Butron: 87.52 percent

Abstain: 12.47 percent

Professional Development Representative

Stella Lessler: 84.77 percent

Abstain: 15.22 percent

Student Groups Representative

Shmuel Berman: 79.49 percent

Abstain: 20.5 percent

Technology Representative

Mustafa Mert Saygi: 76.32 percent

Abstain: 23.67 percent

Disability and Access Representative

Dilara Zaimoglu: 78.43 percent

Abstain: 21.56 percent

International Students Representative

Sofia Osorio Salinas: 80.97 percent

Abstain: 19.02 percent

Student Health and Wellness Representative

Gabe Guo: 51.37 percent

Lori Luo: 41.43 percent

Abstain: 7.18 percent

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