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It can be so easy to feel anonymous at this school—like just another faceless body wandering through halls filled with portraits and memorials of change-making alumni. We walk among teenagers who’ve accomplished more before their first year of college than many people accomplish in their lifetimes. We sit in classrooms with students who might someday change the world and with professors who may have done so already.

Granted, we don’t necessarily think that “leaving a legacy” is all it’s cracked up to be. Some of the most impactful people have been systematically overlooked and underappreciated in history books. But more than that, many of the people who’ve “left legacies,” at this school or elsewhere, did more harm than good to the world they left behind.

All this is to say that the opinion pages (more specifically our contributor roles) can be a place to try and combat the overwhelming feeling of anonymity at this school. It can be a place for you to write about what’s bothering you—be it the lack of resources in the food pantry or senior scramble. In both columns and Discourse & Debate, contributors can introduce this campus to their personal grievances with this University, or they can debate fellow students about some of the profound questions we ask ourselves every day. Writers have the freedom to explore that which they can’t in class.

Throughout our collective years at Spectator, we’ve seen our contributors tackle a lot in our pages. Writing for Spec can be cathartic and a good experience for aspiring writers, but most importantly, we think it can be a lot of fun. This semester, we hope that you’ll help us start necessary conversations on campus and beyond.

You can apply to be a contributor here.

We’re so excited to meet you.

With love,

Kaili Meier and Erin Neil

Editorial Page Editors

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