Love Actualized
Letter from the Editor: Two years of love letters

Two years ago, editorial page editor Paulina Mangubat created Love, Actualized to allow students the chance to offer counternarratives to the typical stories of love and sex that we see on campus. In the time since its inception, this series has become so much more.

Attending Columbia at a time when topics of wellness, respect for one another, and consent are at the forefront of conversations has naturally changed the way we approach even these counternarratives. The pages of Love, Actualized have become a place in which authors have challenged each other to think about how love fits into our activism, how dialogues of race overlap dialogues of attraction, and most strikingly, how global reassessments of how we understand consent are especially important within the bounds of Morningside Heights.

However, Love, Actualized also serves as a reminder that a campus so often seen as cold and sterile still has the possibility to foster truly beautiful stories of love of self, others, and yes, even dogs.

For our second anniversary, we wanted to go beyond words to display examples of love that often go unnoticed in our day-to-day interactions. In an effort to do so, we sent our photographer, Michael Edmonson, out to capture moments of affection throughout campus, in all of its forms. I couldn’t put it better than when he said “[he] hopes it makes you as optimistic as it makes [him].”

The rest of his photo essay can be found in Issue 3 of Volume XXIV of The Eye.

We also wanted to take a closer look at precisely what words our writers were using when writing for Love, Actualized. After sorting through over 40 pieces, we have analyzed the words used most frequently by authors and have grouped them according to the pronouns used by the authors to offer a more quantitative analysis of the ways we talk about love.

Like my predecessors, I want to be clear in saying that these pieces, photos, and graphics are not meant to wholly encapsulate what it means to love one another at Columbia, but instead simply serve to show us examples of the ways in which we see love on this campus, actualized.

All the best,

Octavio Galaviz

Editorial Page Editor

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