In Focus: A wedding on Low Steps

Photography by Gabi Levy

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Edited by Amelia Milne and Natalie Guerra

Each year, the Organization of Pakistani Students at Columbia University puts on Hungama, a traditional South Asian wedding ceremony held in conjunction with NYU’s Pakistani Students Association. The event featured performances from multiple Columbia dance groups as well as a group from Rutgers and NYU. Many students joined or watched the festivities on Low throughout the day.

Columbia’s Organization of Pakistani Students greeted NYU’s Pakistani Students Association at the 116 gates prior to the wedding.

A close-up of the chair sat on by a Hungama bride.

Safia Lakhani, BC ’19, one of the three Hungama brides, walks down Low Steps before the ceremony.

Brides Subah Imami, and Priya Mishra, CC ’19, exchange a laugh before the ceremony begins.

This is the first year Hungama has both straight and queer couples. The couples sat together and watched the performances throughout the day.

Columbia Raas, a Garba- and Raas-influenced South Asian dance team, was one of the groups to perform at the wedding.

Safia Lakhani waits for the next performance with Omer Malik, the NYU groom.

Columbia Dhoom, a Bollywood fusion dance team, performs at the ceremony.

CU Bhangra, a high-energy dance group that fuses traditional Punjabi dance with contemporary choreography, put on a routine on Low steps.

Attendees take part in an impromptu dance competition.

Members of Columbia’s Organization of Pakistani Students, the co-organizers of the event, show off their own choreography.

Following the dance performances, attendees crowd the Steps in celebration.

Friends smile for a picture on Low Plaza during the event.

Dancing continued after the ceremony, concluding the afternoon with widespread celebration.