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Leaving home can be a hard step to take, whether home is 10 miles away or on the other side of the world. And from the first night you sleep on the navy blue twin XL mattresses, you might wish you were back at home, laying on your own bed, looking at your own posters and photos on your wall. At first, you might not feel that you need to make changes or decorate your room, but as you understand you’ll be in college away from home for at least 4 years, you might want to start to individualize your living space to feel more comfortable. That’s why creating a “home away from home” may ease your life and better your time at college. And decorating your room to make a home does not necessarily mean that you should create an “Instagram-able” place where you can show off. Rather, it’s what you feel that’s important when you get into your room. A place which can speak up your identity and personality, and your feelings. The more you get into creating “your space”, you’ll see that adding up to feeling at home, you will also be able to share your vision and character with your friends.

Jessica is one of many students who transformed her “dorm” into her “home.”

Jessica Velasco is a physics major at Columbia College. She grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, but she considers both Nashville and Mexico City her home. She loves to cook, make smoothies, and hang out with her friends when she has free time. Outside of school, she loves to travel and explore New York City by going to art galleries or trying out new restaurants.

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