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All in favor of hobbit holes instead of dorms say "I AM A NERD."

It's Monday, and, like Ashlee Simpson, we are all waiting (for the weekend, for the package center line to shorten, for the pumpkin spice latte to become irrelevant, etc.) As the week begins, take a moment to celebrate Hobbit Day, which is September 22nd and also a great excuse to eat two breakfasts. Here are the things you'll need to get all the way to Mordor (read: get through your Monday.)

On Campus

A CUMC student died over the weekend at the age of 24. He drowned in a lake; sources say alcohol and drugs were not involved. Columbia football season begins with a 49-7 loss. 

Outside the Bubble

ISIS continues to be a threat ; U.S. suspects there are more direct threats beyond ISIS, including a group call the Khorasan. The global carbon emissions of the past year  demonstrate that efforts to curb carbon emissions have not been working. Rates in the U.S. had, in previous years, been declining, but in 2013 were up 2.9%. The People's Climate March that happened yesterday was a historically large event, even for a city that routinely has parades. There were an estimated 310,000 people in attendance. The former president of Georgia now lives in Williamsburg . Sources say he left Georgia because it was getting too "mainstream."

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Around the Ivies

Princeton, the last of the Ivies to adopt a Title IX-compliant sexual assault adjudication policy—including the "preponderance of evidence" standard— held an undergraduate town hall to discuss the recent reforms with students. Yale football is actually doing well , defeating Lehigh University in the first game of the season. 

What's Happening Today

There is a Genocide Denial Teach-In at NYU from 6-8 today.  In a World Leader's Forum, the president of Tunisia will speak at Low Library at 11:00.  At Jerome Green Hall at 12:10 p.m., there will be a talk on Intellectual Property and Fossil Fuels.  
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