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Barnard's annual Big Sub party will be tonight at 7 p.m. just inside the Barnard gates. The event, featuring a 715-ft-long sub, is going with the "Sub Zero" theme, featuring the cast of Frozen!

It's sure to be a blast, and you should all absolutely go, but this got me thinking: What are some other fun sub pun and character combinations?

Sub Me Tender
An Elvis impersonator comes to serenade us and sings about the HeartBeef Hotel.

Here Comes the Sub
Beatles impersonators sing the greatest hits: "All You Need is Sub" and, of course, "The Yellow Submarine."

The Last Subber
People dressed as Jesus and the Apostles sit across the table.

The cast of Seinfeld and a sandwich about nothing.

New York's Hottest Sub
A Stefon impersonator of Bill Hader himself!

Subdog Millionaire
A Bollywood-themed sub party.

In Da Sub
50 Cent is likely available to make an appearance.

Jesus of Suburbia
September ended a few days ago—bring in a Green Day cover band!

Fort Subter
Civil War reenactors fight over the north and south ends of the sandwich.

Political Sub-versives
A good ol' Columbia protest-themed sub party

The Subreme Court
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburgerand Justice A-meat-o-themed sandwiches, with Soto-mayo on the side.

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