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A notice of possession on the front door of UNI Cafe Tuesday evening.

Updated Oct. 21, 8:40 p.m.

Loyal UNI Café customers will have to find a new spot for a quick bite. The business was closed Tuesday with a notice of possession by the office of the City Marshal.

"UNI Café was behind on their rent and they closed down," a maintenance person who answered the UNI Café phone Tuesday night said. He refused to give his name before checking with building management. He added that a pop-up Norwegian bakery might take its place, and that the building management would be putting out a statement in the near future.

The notice of possession—as opposed to eviction—returns control of the space to the building's landlord, listed as Excelsior Associates.

With possession, the tenant has an opportunity to remove its belongings.

This isn't the first time UNI Café has faced trouble from the city. Last October, it was shuttered by the health department because of a clogged toilet.

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