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George Carlin, the brilliant comedian whose most famous bit is The Seven Dirty Words You Can't Say on Television, is the shit, the damn motherfuckin' tits (that's three of the seven!). Yesterday, 121st Street and Amsterdam, the block on which he grew up, was named George Carlin Way in his honor.

Based on his standup, what would George Carlin's dream street look like? What would make George Carlin Way worthy of his name?

Firstly, it is hysterically ironic that thanks to a clerical error, there was going to be a Catholic Church on George Carlin Way.

Corpus Christi Church was Carlin's former congregation, and a lot of Carlin's best material comes from lambasting the Church and religion. To avoid insulting the Church or Carlin, the name applies to the block between Amsterdam and Morningside, skipping the church, which Carlin would appreciate.

In true Carlin form, there should also be a bar.

Carlin would disapprove of having newsstands or bodegas that sell overpriced water bottles.

And also not too many retail stores:

And perhaps cars with the bumper sticker he'd like to see:

George Carlin was a brilliant comedian whose legacy is felt every time a joke makes you think as much as it makes you laugh. It's exciting to have his block so close to campus, so we can be reminded of who he was, and remember that "it's okay to be pissed off, but it's not okay to be pissed on." And, another piece of Carlin wisdom for this midterm season:

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