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A few weeks ago, our go-to place for inappropriate birthday cards and the hottest club in MoHi around Halloween left us without a goodbye. The inside of Ricky's has turned into a dark void, just like the space in our hearts that the store's absence has created. Unlike UNI Café's departure, Ricky's moved out of its Broadway home without providing an explanation, so we at Spectrum took the responsibility to solve the store's disappearance upon ourselves.

Some theories on the disappearance:

Ricky's realized that college students are poor

Reality set in and the owners of the MoHi Ricky's location realized that Columbia students didn't have the funds to allocate $40 for shampoo or $25 for an eyelash curler. This is a community of young adults who fill bags with bananas from Ferris so they don't have to buy them at West Side, not the type which is capable to support a beauty store. Ricky's had to pack up and find someone to buy seaweed face masks.

PrezBo's hair stylist rolled by

There's no question that Prezbo has the nicest hair in the history of the universe. Spectrum believes that Ricky's has been supplying Prezbo will all of his hair appliances and treatment. They ran out of said treatments and, fearing Prezbo's wrath, they moved. This would be an understandable move on Ricky's part and, for the sake of all of us, we just hope that Prezbo will be able to find new hair elixirs.

Tom Haverford came to town

We all know the beloved Tom from Parks and Rec. We also all know that he's no stranger to the finer things in life. Ricky's probably decided to dip because Tom, and maybe some Tom wannabes, stormed in and bought everything they could. Glittery lotions? All over that. Lychee cream? He probably ordered their entire inventory. Ricky's was able to close after achieving their lifetime profit goals in one visit and Tom went back to Pawnee to fill a swimming pool with bath bombs.

Ricky's was a money laundering front

Perhaps Ricky's was never really Ricky's at all and, like places such as Mondel Chocolate and Aerosoles, was simply a center where criminals laundered money. Aside from the epic line at Halloween, Ricky's was never very crowded. It is highly probable that VIP customers only went to take part in illegal activities. If you don't try to make sense of it, this theory makes a great deal of sense.

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