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We all know housing is super expensive--to round out our series of housing graphs, we've taken a look at just how expensive they are now compared to several years ago. This coming year's housing rates are some of the highest in Columbia's history. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors next semester will be paying at least $7,640, and as much as $9,470, for rooms in university provided housing options.

Take, for example, sophomores:

Data from Columbia Housing.

?Future sophomores (and other upperclassmen) will pay $9,470 for "Rate 4" rooms in Claremont, $8,522 for "Rate 3" rooms in Harmony or Nussbaum, and $7,640 for "Rate 2" rooms in the other halls. Rates are set to increase the following year to $7,928, $8,842, and $9,824 respectively. These seem to be on par with rates charged by NYU for many of their residence options.  But since 2003, rates have risen about 49% for all rooms.

Data from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

?A look at older versions of Columbia Housing's website--accessed via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine--documents a history of undergraduate room rates. In 2003, some of the cheapest housing options cost students a mere $4,986. That same year Claremont, then as now among the most expensive options, cost $6,176. Of course, that's nothing compared to rapid tuition increases, especially at Barnard.

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