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Be like the bunny and flatten your ears.

The finals season is only three and a half weeks ahead and some of you are still hunting for summer interns. You might feel overwhelmed by your 20-pages paper for poli-sci, final for Econometrics and late-night interview from another continent. Aware of all these shared pressures on all of Columbia students, Spectrum interviewed Stressbusters Coordinator Annah Overly, BC '15, who might provide you an alternative way to de-stress.

What are your roles in the team Stressbusters?

I have been a stress buster myself since sophomore year. And then I became a Stressbusters Coordinator. Stressbusters has been working with Butler for a long time. My job is to give the contact to our contact in Butler and make sure that Butler knows Stressbusters is having an event and that the spot is reserved and the room is setup.

What kind of Stressbusters events can we expect to see this finals season?

We regularly have events on Wednesdays called Wind Down Wednesday and also on Mondays called Melt Away Mondays. For this finals season, we are going to have Stressbusters at Butler, which is the biggest event that we are holding this semester.

Do you have the power to bring therapy dogs to campus more often?

No. That is a common misunderstanding but we are not hosting this event.

Have you experienced massage from other Stressbusters?

I love back rubs from other stress busters. And It is usually 5 to 10 mins.

What is your favorite stress bustering technique? Have you applied any techniques from Stressbusters yourself?

I like working on the muscle on the neck, where I feel the most tightened up and let it loose it up a little bit. I also do hand massage that helps relieve tension headache after I have been working in front of computers for a while.

Have you been asked for Stressbusting from your friends?

Always and they are pretty satisfied. But we also want to make sure that our stressbusters think about themselves too and don't give massages when they are under pressures.

Do you have any specific tips that you want to share for stress relief?

Take a break outside away from your computers. Take a walk in front of Butler Lawn. Separate the things that you wanna do in couple days and take your time to understand what you have actually been doing.

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