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Good morning, Columbia! It's the last day of reading week! Since that means you've probably finished all your studying because it's great (and expected) to be ahead of the game, why not spend your free day leisurely reading the Wake Up Call?

On Campus

This year's Funding at Columbia University event allocated Bacchanal decreased funding to organize next year's concert . Community Impact and Inter-Greek Council also received funding decreases, while the Activities Board at Columbia, Student Governing Board, Club Sports Governing Board, and the Governing Board at Barnard received increased funding. Criss Moon, CC '18, was arrested and jailed from 8p.m. to 4p.m. during last week's Freddie Gray protest in Union Square  when trying to cross a road.

Outside the Bubble

Baltimore's mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, “has asked the Department of Justice to investigate whether the city's police department had engaged in discrimination ,” and has promised that “the city would implement police body cameras “as soon as possible.”” The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has gathered together a coalition government  composed mainly of “of right-leaning and religious parties” just before the legal deadline  with hopes to “still try to lure other parties to the coalition to strengthen it.” Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma have suffered over 40 tornadoes with “golf ball sized hail,” “damaging winds,” and “localized flooding.”

Tweet of the Day
Dunni Oduyemi, CC '16, on finals.


Around the Ivies

Female Harvard professors on the tenure track make up only a small percentage of the faculty . Elsie M. Sunderland, an associate professor of Environmental Science and Engineering, argues that “having children is both physically demanding on women and cuts deeply in the ability of a faculty member who is a woman to do work, creating an “intense environment.”” A Dartmouth student organization, Big Green Microaggressions, is petitioning for Student Assembly president, Frank Cunningham, to resign after “he moved within several inches of one of the demonstrators [at a protest last weekend] and yelled “I can’t breathe” at her.” Cunningham sent an email apologizing to the campus. Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business’s new program starting this June “will focus on helping those from underrepresented communities capitalize on new digital technologies to grow their businesses.” The program focuses solely on the “digital aspect of business,” and Google is sponsoring “three days of hands-on sessions.”

What's Happening Today

If you haven’t already, pick up a $2 sticker to support Columbia’s Nepali Sticker Fundraiser ; head to Lerner ramps today to get yourself one! Love it or hate it, Orgo Night is back for another round of finals! Drop by Butler 209 at 11:59p.m. to watch the Marching Band do their thing. Watch their promo video here . Midnight Breakfast is tonight! Run over to Barnard’s LeFrak Gym to grab some dean-served bacon, eggs, and breakfast goodies.
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