Dear Barnard Community,It is with deep appreciation for her hard work and dedication that we share with you that Adjua Starks will be leaving Barnard.  During her nine years at the college, Adjua has worked first as Assistant Dean, Pre-Professional Programs and International Students, and then as Assistant Dean, Pre-Health Professions Advising and Academic Assistance.  Most recently, she has served as the Dean for Pre-Professional Advising.  As the pre-health advising dean, Adjua has helped hundreds of Barnard students and alumnae achieve their goal of gaining acceptance into medical school, dental school, and other health professional schools.  She has served as a pre-major academic adviser, and over the past two years has also served as the college's post-baccalaureate adviser.  Adjua has directed the college's earlier peer-to-peer tutoring program, and was instrumental in both expanding Barnard's science help rooms and starting the college's General Chemistry help room.  Adjua has created and implemented numerous programs and initiatives for pre-law and pre-health students and alumnae, and she has worked collaboratively with many Barnard and Columbia offices.  Adjua has also been an active leader and member of several pre-health and pre-professional organizations.  Over the years, numerous Barnard students and alumnae have expressed, and continue to express, sincere gratitude to Dean Starks for her advice and accomplishments on their behalf, as well as for her commitment to helping them achieve their goals.Dean Starks will be leaving in July. The Dean of Studies Office will provide continued support to those students applying to medical school and other health professions schools throughout this current cycle.  In the meantime, students may direct all questions to the Dean of Studies.Please join us in acknowledging her work and contributions both to the Dean of Studies Office and to the College.Sincerely,Dean Friedman