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Hi to all you new Lions!

This is Spectrum, where we've been doing that blog shit for a few years now. Think of us like your goofy friend who manages to see everything happening around campus and knows all the secrets to staying sane (both on and off campus). We also like puns. And puppies.

Starting today and leading up to NSOP, we'll be publishing a post or two every weekday to give first-years, transfers, and returning students alike advice on how to walk the College Walk at Columbia. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to make sure you don't miss any posts.

Here's what you can expect each day for the next two weeks:

Monday: The basics—what is a Columbia student? How do you differentiate Low from Lerner? Does school spirit actually exist?

Tuesday: Room and board—eating, living, roommating, dorming, packing, and related -ings.

Wednesday: Classes—how to choose 'em, convincing your parents that Art Hum isn't as impractical as they think, and how to succeed without really trying.

Thursday: People of Columbia—what to expect from the community, who you need to know, and how to navigate the weird dating scene.

Friday: The city—all the things TimeOut New York, Yelp, and your second cousin who went to New York a couple of times for work won't tell you.

And because we know first-years and OLs alike just can't wait for NSOP, we'll have a handy countdown going at the top of each post.

Class of 2019, if you have a question you're dying for Spectrum to answer: Hit us an email at, message us on Facebook, or tweet us at @CUSpectrum, and we'll give you the LOWdown (sorry not sorry you know that's a great pun).

We hope How to Walk the College Walk gets you excited for NSOP (and Spec's orientation issue, which will be slipped under your dorm room doors before you move in)!

Hope you enjoy How to Walk the College Walk, and look out for more exciting things from Spectrum this fall. There may or may not be pizza and Snapchat involved...

Happy final weeks of summer!

Hannah Josi
Spectrum Editor

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