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Over-registered this semester? Looking to drop a class? Ready to underachieve? Let us help you be a quitter. Here are all of the totally valid reasons you should drop that class. And remember that Oct. 13 is the last day to drop a class.

You didn’t go to the first session (if you weren’t inclined to go the first day, you probably don’t want to be there.)

It’s on the seventh floor of Hamilton and you just weren’t feeling the stairs.

That last episode of Narcos wasn’t going to watch itself.

You moved your chair a little in class and it made a squeaky noise and the whole class looked at you. You promised it was the chair but that one kid kept looking at you and you really don’t want that kind of history.

Mercury is in retrograde.

The professor has a sexy accent that makes you rethink taking dance lessons.

Sexy accent also renders most lectures incoherent.

Incoherent-but-sexy lecturer called on you and YOU DIDN’T EVEN RAISE YOUR HAND, BRO.

The syllabus is more than three pages.

The syllabus contains the words “dialectic” and “high expectations.”

The syllabus isn’t on Courseworks. The copy from the first day is the last and only syllabus.

There’s always a chance of rain.

You met a classmate that is probably the love of your life and you choose to respect the phrase “don’t shit where you eat.”

Everyone in the class was wearing a shade of orange and so it was probably a meeting of an undercover CU cult.

Did anyone else see the quicksand on Hamilton 5?

The professor somehow pulled off a vest and you’re not ready to deal with that.

You gave a grand, “hello!” to a person in the class who is decidedly not your best friend. You played it off well (you’re very smooth), but, just to be safe, you’d better drop it.

Sorry, it’s in Carman?!

You had to go to the bathroom and because it made sense you told the professor you had undiagnosed diabetes. It wasn’t your most sensible white lie.

You could probably catch undiagnosed diabetes.


The professor looks vaguely like Donald Trump.

The professor looks vaguely like he knows something about the subject.

The professor looks vaguely like Ted Mosby.

The ground outside your bed is most definitely made of lava.


Nobody ever made history by going to class. What’s that saying about well-behaved women?

You just really really really wanna zig-a-zig-AH.

Three more hours of sleep.

They still haven’t found all of that Malaysian airplane.

For that matter, whatever happened to Roanoke?

While we’re on the subject, has anyone heard from Natalie Portman? We should probably be looking for her.

And lastly: you just weren’t feeling the class.

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