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As modern-day college students, applications are the new school supplies. They'll help you organize your files, your calendar, your finances, and even your grooves. Check out the ten apps that, as a student at CU, you absolutely must own.

This app, through securely connecting to your bank account, allows you to have all your financial information in one place. You can easily see how much money you have left in your checking and savings accounts, as well as a breakdown of how you spend your money with a color-coded pie graph. You can even set yourself budgets in each category and get alerts when you have gone over your projected budgets. But be prepared: it may tell you you've spent far too much money at Chipotle this week.

Google Drive
If you haven't already downloaded this, do it now. It will easily allow you to access your Google doc notes on the go, so you don't have to schlep your computer with you on a quick trip to Joe's. And if you're not familiar with Google docs, the go-to college kid solution to all problems, you may want to see a doctor. (Price: Free)

This app, which also has a corresponding website you can access with the same login information, allows you to follow all your favorite bands and artists and then get alerts when any of them have an upcoming concert nearby. You set your location and allow the app to analyze your iTunes or Spotify library. You can also manually search for and select certain bands and artists to follow, and click "track" on an event to save it to your projected schedule. Bonus: there's a newsfeed-type section of the app where you can see upcoming concerts that you might be interested in based on the other concerts you've tracked. Remember how you said you were going to see so many concerts this year because you were finally in New York City? Well, now's your chance. (Price: Free)

While on the topic of music, Spotify is every broke college student's best friend—perfect for when you don't want to cough up that $1.99 for a single iTunes purchase. You can browse through millions of songs, create your own playlists, and even follow other people's playlists—if you signup through your Facebook account you can easily see which of your friends have profiles to follow. You can do all of this for free, provided that you have WiFi and are willing to endure the frequent 30 second ads, but if you buy premium (only $4.99 a month for students) you can enjoy an ad-free experience and download playlists to listen to while offline. (Price: Free)

This is one of the many subway apps that exist. This one is superior because it shows you an overview of the subway system, and you can click on individual stations to designate them as a starting or ending point. Once you choose both points, the app will show you possible routes to take and give you a time estimate for each. (Price: Free)

GrubHub or Seamless 
One of the perks of going to school in Manhattan is that the choices for take-out are endless. Use these apps to browse through local food places, many of which deliver for free. But make sure to check each listing because some places charge a delivery fee or require you to pay a minimum (but you only want a $7 seaweed salad—we've all been there). (Price: Free)

Your personal taxi service when you can't get a taxi—just make an account and then tap your location to get a time estimate for the nearest Uber pickup. Plus you enter your credit card information into the app ahead of time so you don't have to fish for change when you reach your destination. But be wary! Ubers are almost as expensive as taxis. It's easy to assume you're saving money by skipping the taxi in favor of an Uber, but you're really not. If you're looking to save money, take the subway. (Price: Free)

Never buy your razors at Duane Reade again! You can literally find anything on Amazon these days. Dicretely order that text book you were supposed to have by now while sitting in your lecture class. Or browse through granola bars in bulk while on the subway. (Price: Free)

The Weather Channel 
Because we all know that the weather app that comes with your phone isn't the most detailed or accurate. Sometimes you just want to see the weather forecast broken down by the hour so that you can carefully plan your outfit and day accordingly. Pouring all day? Maybe you should stick to the Barnard tunnels. (Price: Free)

Predictable, but necessary. It's an easy way to keep in touch with your friends lives, post funny pictures, and even get quick news via the discovery page. (Psssssst: Remember to add Spectrum by username: CUSpectrum.) (Price: Free)

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