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  • Enjoy Columbian coffee and treats in Lerner 572 tonight at 7:00 with Columbia porColombia‚ and practice your Spanish, too.
  • There will be a panel on empowering marginalized voices in United States politics at 7 p.m. tonight in Lerner Party Space.
  • EcoRep’s Kill the Cup initiative launched yesterday, but lasts until the end of the month. This means that if you bring a reusable cup to Blue Java, you can get a whole cup of coffee for about $1.09 and feel pretty good about yourself while you’re at it. In addition, there will be 300 free mugs available from the initiative.

#Midterm Pro-Tip of the Day

Feeling stressed about the impending onslaught of exams? Try meditation. There are a number of free apps to find your center.

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