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Thanksgiving offers lots of us the first opportunity to see friends and long-distance lovers since coming to college. That is…if you still have a long-distance bae to see.

It's November: Turkey Dump season. The month in which many high school relationships crash and burn.

This is a scientifically proven thing.

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Whether it's exam stress, insufficient Skype dates, or parental pressures, many will say bye to bae, and spend T-givs comfort-eating leftover mashed potatoes and watching the Peanuts holiday special alone.

I know it sounds scary and lonely and fattening, but breaking up with your high school sweetheart is no where near the end of the world.

"I'm completely on my own now. What am I going to do?"
It's ok. You get to find out who you are. Isn't that what college is all about? Independence means different things to different people and it can make you stronger and help you grow.

You can make an appointment at CPS or Furman to discuss this self-growth. And then you can bask in your newly found strength.

"I feel completely alone."
You're now able to reconnect with old friends. Now that you're not spending all of your social energy on your relationship, you have time to reach out to your friends, old and new. Even if you still feel alone, you can always anonymously speak to Nightline over the phone.

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You get to decide what love means to you
At Columbia, you won't be short on information and opinions regarding love, relationships, and sex. You can have healthy and informative discussions at Well-Woman and Alice! Health Promotion.

"I got out of a same-sex relationship and have no one to talk to."
You can talk to the Gay Health Advocacy Project about same-sex relationships, sex, and love. If you're uncomfortable talking to friends or family, this is a confidential option which you can use alongside CPS, Furman, and Nightline.

"I haven't gone on a date in so long. How does Tinder even work?"
If you're into rebounds, or feel ready to enter a new relationship, you can enter the shiny, techno NYC dating realm. Use Tinder, Grindr, Her, Bumble, Hinge, or even the Ivy League Snapchat story to connect and meet new people. You can enter new relationships with more awareness and can take anything as far as you like.

So don't panic. If you break up on turkey day, you're not alone.

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