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Ethan Wu / Senior Staff Photographer

Today we announce our successors, Spectator's 140th Managing Board. We couldn't be prouder of all of you, and are incredibly excited to watch you make Spectator a better place for its audience and staff.

With love,

The 139th Turkeyshoot Board

Editor in Chief: Caroline Chiu

Managing Editor: Ben Libman

Publisher: Rachit Mohan

Deputy Publisher: Anurak Saelaow

Assistant Managing Editor, Visuals: Jenna Beers

News Editors: J. Clara Chan, Catie Edmondson

Editorial Page Editor: Paulina Mangubat

Sports Editor: Dan Radov

Head Copy Editor: Miranda Kantor

Photo Editor: Ethan Wu

Design Editor: Anna Alonso

Spectrum Editor: Sophia Hotung

Managing Editor, The Eye: Youjin Jenny Jang

Revenue Director: Michael Tai

Director of Events: Pooja Desai

Director of Data Science: Tony Li

Staff Director: Jenna Beers

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