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It's January and 99 cent Snapchat lenses and expensive coffees have eaten up your wallet. You've come to the conclusion that the pizza rat is not only being sketch on the subway, but must also be in your room, stealing your money in your sleep.

But actually — what do you do when you've hit that "oh shit" moment and realize you're broke out of your mind? How will you achieve your New Year Resolution of saving money? How will you afford your $200 textbook? Or a subway ride to that job interview?

Here are five tips for how to save money when you've hit that "oh shit" moment.

1. Pay in cash

Credit cards are nice and all, but  they're deceptive and sneaky. It's easy to get carried away by the leisure of swiping. Cash is a great way to keep track of just how much you're spending, where, and when.

2. Download Mint

It's an app that tracks all of your spending. You can give yourself budgets and it'll alert you as you're approaching your limit. Download it here.

3. Stop lending

Just because someone promises they'll Venmo you back for that bagel, doesn't mean they actually will. Every lent subway swipe is one more tear being shed. Spare yourself the misery and Just. Say. No.

4. Ditch Starbucks for dining hall coffee

It's a little known well-known fact that coffee gives you the shits. So instead of paying for a $4 coffee that will be out of your system within an hour, just grab one from the dining hall.

5. Make the plans this time

There are tons of student discounts and cheap eats. All it takes is a little bit of planning. It's New York! Go out and discover them.

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