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How to break-up with your current roommate:

You're tired of the toenail clippings you find in your bed.

You're tired of calling CAVA on a weekly basis.

Whatever the case is, you've had it. And you're certainly not going to be sharing your lavish Nussbaum double with your current roomie philistine.

You have no other choice but to end things. As awkward as the prospect of breaking up with your roommate may be, Spectrum is here to guide you through the impending relationship-shattering.?


1. Be an adult about it.  

You're in college, so act like it. Even though you've been a perfect, ideal, and exceptional  roommate, don't let their shortcomings get to you. Remember to keep your voice low (because it's probably quiet hours) and to never resort to physical violence.


2. Try to think of the social media version of them.

Enter the situation with the roommate you met through the Facebook roommate search page rather than the repulsive person you've quickly come to know. That should soften your mood.?


But if you can’t be an adult about it, then:?

3. Take them to dinner at Dig Inn (or another equally diarrhea-inducing restaurant).

Use this roomie-date as an opportunity to tell them about how the horrific scent of Dig Inn brussel sprouts reminds you of their dirty socks, farts, and assorted bodily odors.


4. Do it on a sticky note.

If you don't have time, money, or patience to take your roommate to Dig Inn, then just jot down your sentiments on a sticky note (like that one guy did in Sex and the City). Keep it short and simple: "I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me."?

5. Become the roommate from Hell.

Turn the tables and let them face the hard task of breaking up with you! Stop buying milk for your shared fridge, leave the door open when you're spending time with a Tinder date, and consider ceasing to shower for at least a week.

And remember that you can find all the housing info you need at The Shaft!

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