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With all due respect to the Center for Career Education, the LionShare website is as easy to navigate as the Schemerhorn Extension. Unfortunately, this is this time of year when parents and overly anxious friends start asking you about your plans for the summer and you have to come up with something better than "sit at home and try making every Tasty video." If you're planning on actually adulting this summer, here are some ways to score a neat internship.  may vary, proceed at your own risk.

Other colleges’ websites

Although our career website isn't the best, some other universities have some great resources. For example, New York University's Center for Human Rights and Global Justice has a list of job opportunities both in and outside of New York. Because most career websites require a student ID, it's best to look at the websites that pertain to certain areas of studies.

Hit up your professors 

Professors are a key (major key?) resource in finding an internship. If you spend the semester actually doing your readings and participating in class (I am aware that this already sounds like a lot of work), you can ask your professor to hook you up. Often they are conducting research. And if not, they probably know of a professor who is doing that and needs students.

Do a quick Google search 

This seems like an obvious tip, but it's important to utilize all that Google has to offer. The important thing to remember when Googling some possible internships is knowing what you are looking for. If you are looking for a financial internship don't just search: "Goldman Sachs Internships Summer 2016." Search for various things that range  from positions at smaller firms in the city to fellowships you can get involved in.

Link up with LinkedIn 

As lame as LinkedIn seems, it's a stellar way to make some connections. Be that obnoxious kid and add everyone you know on LinkedIn. If you want to achieve optimal stalker status while also securing a job, link up with someone who works in the agency/field that you are interested in and send them a message about possible internship opportunities.

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