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You're a college student at Columbia University in the City of New York. And with this status comes many trials and tribulations. That stack of LitHum readings keeps staring you down and you've basically become a slave to Butler during the week.

But don't forget, you live in the City of New York. A city that is bursting at the seams with neighborhoods and ice cream shops and cupcake ATMs that have so much to offer. A city that's been waiting for you (sorry to get all Taylor Swift).

I've recently left the readings and recitations behind, and have taken the liberty to explore the city that never sleeps. However, I'll be doing it...

Yeah, being alone is a fear every nineteen-year-old has within some capacity. But exploring New York City's museums, coffee shops, and ** has given me a chance to learn about myself, something that can't be done in Avery. I plug in my headphones, swipe my Metrocard, and make my way through the veins of this beating city straight to the cupcake ATM (haha).


* added by the editor to justify phrase "this beating city."

Here are a couple of places that I enjoyed visiting alone:



the guards at MoMA think I'm extra

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I know it's the basic Art Hoe hide-out but it's definitely worth the trip to the living hell that is Midtown. Walking around by yourself and experiencing the galleries alone lets you really appreciate the beauty and message of the art pieces.  Take some cute selfies or ~aesthetic photos~ and indulge in the luxury of contemporary art.


Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Nestled in the East Village, this Vegan ice cream store has a record player constantly blasting rad tunes and tables big enough to get some hard work done. If you don't have a sweet tooth (who r u???), order a cup of Joe and enjoy the vegan vibes. Maybe even take your journal or a pleasure read and let yourself escape from the MoHi bubble madness.

CW Pencil Enterprise 


i went to a store dedicated to pencils and it was all i ever dreamed of

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It's an entire store dedicated to pencils in Chinatown. Just pencils. That's it. And it's absolutely beautiful. Sit down in their small desk and try out every pencil they sell. It may seem too much but it's definitely cathartic.


Ralph’s Coffee Shop


ralph makes a good cappuccino

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On the second floor of the Ralph Lauren store there's the preppiest coffee shop in New York City, Ralph's. Take a seat between all the cable sweaters and penny loafers while enjoying free wi-fi and a good cappuccino. Maybe you'll spot Ezra Koenig, frontman of Vampire Weekend, enjoying an espresso two tables down.

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