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Whether you're planning on hiking in the Grand Canyon or getting sensibly daydrunk in Cancun, spring break is approaching and you need to turn your planning into a reality.

Spring break is a time when students can finally calm down and stop thinking about the readings they've been avoiding all semester.

For those of you who are planning on ditching the bubble, be sure to follow this series for some tips on how to not play yourself and ruin your vacation. In this week's edition, we'll see how to make sure that you pick the perfect squad to go away with.


Mo’ drama, mo’ problems (and in turn, mo’ tequila)

One of the most important things to think about when picking spring break buds is assessing whether or not you'll have any problems with them on the trip.

Spring break is not the time for bringing up NSOP drama.

Do you want a Real Housewives vacation with drinks flying and constant passive aggressiveness? Or do you want a break where you can sip on a margarita and scope out baes from other colleges? If you picked the latter, 10/10 would recommend selecting a beef-less squad.



You’re not Taylor Swift...

...and spring break is not a remake of the Bad Blood video. You do not need to invite the entirety of your McBain floor.

If you keep your group small it will be significantly easier to get people to figure out where they want to go and to organize airfare (if you're choosing to jet off somewhere far). What's the ideal number?

If you are planning on taking a bus or staying relatively close you could probably score for 6-7 people in your group. If you are going somewhere like South Florida or Mexico, 4-5 is probably more ideal.



It’s a no from me

Another way to ensure you're not playing yourself is by understanding what your friends are into. Don't get all hyped up about going camping and invite your friends who complain about having lunch on the lawns.

If you want to go to Disney, don't invite that one friend who would drop kick a child if given the chance. Your trip is going to suck if you don't think about the interests of everyone involved.



Know yourself, know your worth

There are a few types of people that every spring break squad needs to ensure you don't end up like the girls in Spring Breakers (a story that everyone can learn life lessons from). To ensure a successful vacation, your group should have:


A parent type who will make sure you all don’t completely fuq up.

An Instagram mogul/professional DSLR photographer who can take bomb pictures.

A production manager/itinerary director who can spearhead organizing.

A partier who will make sure that you all have the break you deserve.


Check back next week to find out where you should go for the break and how to get there.

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