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Now that you've assembled your squad, it's time to figure out where you're going to jet off to. The weather has been awfully confusing lately which makes you ask one important question: do you want a hot and humid break, or a chilly one? Whether you're into laying out in the sun or exploring somewhere new, there's a vacation location that is sure to satisfy your spring break thirst.

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If your goal is to get turnt for a week straight and aren't concerned about budgeting, Cancun is the place for you. Mexico as a whole has a lot of spring break destinations that college students flock to so it's a cool way to meet people from all over. In season one, episode five of "Laguna Beach," Lauren Conrad goes to Cabo for spring break and I can't promise that you can be as cool as those bootcut jean wearing teenagers, but you can try.

When planning an international trip it's important to get plane tickets as quickly as possible to keep the prices low. Also, be wary of where you intend on staying and the area around the hotel. You don't want to end up like the girl who gets kidnapped in Taken like five million times. You might not be adventuring to a dangerous place but it's always good to have a plan of action before you touch down.


Florida is a tried and true spot for spring breakers. I wouldn't recommend going to St. Petersburg like they did in "Spring Breakers" because that clearly didn't end well, but there are literally hundreds of miles of beaches to explore. If you're looking to lay out in the sun, you and your friends might want to check out places like Cocoa Beaches (home of Ron Jon Surf Shop), Palm Beach (there are plenty of old people to chill with), or Miami (ideal for jet skiing with DJ Khaled). You can also hit up Disney World or Universal, for the Harry Potter fans, if you want some good, clean fun.


Have you ever wanted to legitimately run through the six with your woes? Of course you have. Toronto is a great alternative spring break spot. You can either take a 6 hour ride bus or fly there fairly inexpensively. For those of you who are under 21, the drinking age is only 19 which is great because you'll need alcohol to warm you up in the 25 degree weather.

Maine/Vermont/Rhode Island

Additionally, you could take a road trip with your friends to some neighboring states. If you decide to go somewhere like Maine, there are great campgrounds that you can hit up and hikes to go on. This could be an inexpensive trip for you and your squad that's a neat alternative to staying in Morningside Heights.  

New York

Yes, we do already live here, but spring break is the perfect opportunity to explore the city. Thankfully, JJ's will be open and you can stay in your dorm so you don't have to worry about housing and food. If you don't want to worry about travel costs or want to actually experience  the city that you moved to, do some google searching of New York hotspots, load up your Metro card, and go. There are a bunch of different things you can do: pretend that you're Carrie Bradshaw and try Magnolia Bakery sweets, eat everything on Buzzfeed's must eat list, or just hang out on Columbia's campus sans stress.


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