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By this point, you know exactly where you're going and who you're going with (and if you don't, check out our "Picking the destination" and "Picking the squad" articles). Now it's time to determine how to have the best spring break of your college experience. There are plenty of ways to have a successful spring break, but there are also sure-fire things that will ruin your break and, in turn, ensure that the rest of your semester sucks. Here are some spring break dos and don'ts.

Do: Plan what you are doing before you go. You don't want to land without knowing how you are going to spend the next 5 days. If you are staying in the city, make a list of places you want to hit up. If you're going somewhere tropical, brainstorm cool excursions. Paddle boarding has always looked so promising in those *aesthetic* Pinterest pins.
Don't: Wing it. Yes, it's true that having an open schedule lends itself to lazy days on the beach, but it also welcomes befriending drug dealers, getting arrested, and living with a rapper named Alien. (See Spring Breakers if you don't believe me. As a Florida native, I can attest that the movie is 100% accurate.)

Do: Budget, budget, and budget some more. Before you even board the plane/bus/train, budget your trip. Know exactly how much you want to spend on food, alcohol, souvenirs, and others necessities. This is the best way to prevent looking at your credit card statement when you get back and consider selling one of your kidneys.
Don't: Forget about currency rates or think that money grows on trees. Shots may only be $1 at hot spring break spots but dollars add up. (So does alcohol; don't overdo it.)

Do: Keep things light and don't start any kind of scandal with your squad. This is a time to finally give your brain a break so don't plan on bringing up past drama with your friends on this trip. Remember that classes start again on Monday, so if a problem can't be solved between the 11th and your 8:40, save it for another time. 
Don't: Think that your spring break should be like a reality show. I don't care if you're a really big fan of the Real Housewives or Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Keep the drink-throwing and sub-tweeting to a minimum.

Do: Something unexpected. No, this doesn't mean doing illicit drugs off of some random guy's arms, this just means wandering away from the travel book. If you're in the city, check out museums or neighborhoods that aren't common. Essentially, don't be basic. 
Don't: Spend the entire day inside. Wherever you are, there will be something to do. Don't waste your days watching Netflix – that's what lectures are for.

Do: Get some homework done. As much as it pains me to say it, although spring break is supposed to be a vacation, you can't ignore your work for the entire time. You don't want to have to pull an all-nighter in Butler the Sunday before classes start just because you didn't feel like bringing your readings on the plane. If you spread work throughout the break, you'll save yourself some stress. 
Don't: Do all of your work, all the time. This is when finding a balance is important. You might have an exam right after the break, but if you spend the entire time studying, you're going to burn yourself out. After this break we have to go straight through to finals and you're going to regret not getting some rest.

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