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Unless you've been living under a rock, or you're really good at procrastinating, then you probably know: it's mid-terms season (a.k.a when all you want is a break and your professors have the freedom to assign you a ton of essays and exams on the same day.)

Sometimes (okay most of the time) you can't be the perfect student and you screw up. You walk into your 8:40 Econ exam having reviewed your notes for only 30 minutes because you were "busy" binge-watching House of Cards.

You consequently bomb it.

Not a C-grade bomb, like you mixed up the definitions for opportunity costs and commercial bank and just drew a unicorn for your last graph. That kind of bomb.

Well, now it's time to inhale everything at JJ's and go through the five stages of mid-term failure grief.

Stage 1: Unjustified frustrated blaming

You have no idea why that test was so hard or why you couldn't answer the questions. You've been sitting in this class for seven weeks and it's really pathetic that the professor didn't have the ability to instill in you some knowledge during lecture.

The whole thing is absolute crap because the exam was poorly written and expected you to do too much in a short amount of time. Your professor knew that this week was hell for you and he purposely just didn't care.

Stage 2: Sadness

You're not going to graduate. You should honestly just write an apology letter to Deantini, pack up your things, and leave now. If you couldn't pass this one exam, what can you do?

Your parents will be so disappointed. Remember how excited they were when you got into Columbia? Your mom will be crushed but at least your dog will be happy that you're coming home.

Stage 3: Regret

You could have studied. You really should have. Yes, you were happy when you were on top of the table at Cannon's, but you should have been in Butler 209 working on your problem sets.

This is essentially all of your fault. You're an adult and you know better than waiting until the last minute to study but you do this every time. This is Freshmen Fall all over again.

Stage 4: Complete apathy

Honestly, what's the purpose of college anyway?? It's obvious that people only get cool $$$ jobs through powerful, schmoozy connections, so what's the point of working your butt off for four years for it all to amount to nothing?

You listen to Kanye's College Dropout. This guy is really onto something. He didn't graduate college the first time (and when he did the second time he didn't even have to go to class).

Nothing really matters anymore, especially your grades. You're too young to be stressing about this.

Stage 5: Acceptance

Okay so you totally messed up but you can fix it. There's extra credit, the ~*gracious*~ curve, and problem sets that will help keep your grade alive and sputtering for life.

Even though it doesn't seem like it, everyone screws up. Now you know what happens when you procrastinate and don't take an exam seriously.

If you're smart, you'll try to avoid letting this happen again. There's no reason to freak out about work 24/7 but it's important to stay on top of that ~*academia*~

That's what you're here for after all. One failed exam isn't going to completely mess up your college experience. Buy yourself an ice cream cone (or  a margarita), move on, and bookmark this article for when you forget all this advice and need to cycle through these stages again.

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