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Hey there, Upper West Siders.

Ok, perhaps a little misleading. No Gossip Girl star-sightings, not today. Instead, we've been graced by the presence of Lin-Manuel Miranda – writer, composer, and star of *all-the-rage* Hamilton. Just another one of Manhattan's elite making their daily rounds to MoHi.

If you've come out from under the rock you've been living under, you should know that Columbia students are just a tad seriously obsessed with Hamilton. So while we'd never object to a LMM sighting, we're just inclined to ask why.

Here's a few of Spectrum's suppositions:

1.) He’s in the process of writing his next great masterpiece.

Probably based off of us CU students. You know, because we're so *worldly* and worthy of his serenade. That one's a long shot, but I there's no harm in hoping.

2.) He’s come to pay homage to the Hamilton statue.

Only seems fitting since his Grammy Award-winning musical is based off of one of our very own. Never mind the fact that Alexander Hamilton was a dropout; the best of us are. Examples? Hamilton, Garfunkel, Jake Gyllenhaal, etc.

3.) He’s upset he wasn’t invited to perform at Bacchanal.

When he was at Wesleyan, Lin-Manuel Miranda co-founded a hip-hop troupe called Freestyle Love Supreme. So when he heard that the best university in the tri-state area was hosting what the young hooligans call "Bacchanal," he was livid at the absence of an invitation.

In order to redeem his art, he decided to provide a free-style rap outside Hamilton Hall to the bleary-eyed students on their way to their 8:40s.

God bless.

4.) He just wants someone to look down on, and we fit the ($10) bill.

Because, you know, he's got a MacArthur Genius Grant and a spare $625,000 to spend willy-nilly. When you compare all our accomplishments to that, I'm sure a passing grade in LitHum looks pretty foolish.

5.) Or, the most likely reason, he’s doing something that has nothing to do with us.

If you look at the most reliable source on the interweb – i.e., Twitter – you'll see that Lin-Manuel Miranda came to campus simply to look at some super-old, super-*academic* documents.

I suppose it's cool that it's related to Hamilton and all, and it's pretty awesome that he was even on campus, but still. The impromptu rap battle definitely would have been Ivy League Snapchat material.

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