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Finals are coming, and you're dealing with the aftermath of the unavoidable yet crushing housing failures, and the stress of whether or not you have a place to live this summer.

Whatever the reason, Spectrum has compiled five handy YouTube videos for you to de-stress during your next crying study break in Butler.

1. De-stress from your distress.

Although Michelle Phan's known for her makeup guru skills, she also offers some good de-stressing tips that are easy to do after a long day of work.

"Sometimes, we're too busy to find the time to take care of ourselves," she says. There is nothing more important than self-care during times of stress, not even that 10-page essay.

2. Watch some informative cartoons.

BBC offers a succinct, more technical approach to exactly what stress is—how it affects you both physically and emotionally.

The main lesson here is: Don't bottle it in, talk to someone! Sometimes a good rant is really all you need.

3. Learn the art of meditation.

Meditation is a tried and true method of beating stress, and what better time to learn than now? In the video, Rebekah infuses positivity with stress-busting techniques to defeating your stress in easy steps tailored for beginners.

4. Build your self-esteem.

Though this video is on the longer side, this TED talk really gets down to the bottom of acquiring the skill of self-confidence.

Oftentimes, stress comes from anxiety about our own capabilities, but this video will teach you how to overcome insecurity.

5. Be positive.

Superwoman nails it in this five-minute video about positivity, happiness, and gives some serious motivational talk.

You already made it this far, so go sit with your friends on the South Lawn, grab a cup of coffee, and take a deep breath.

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