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So maybe you haven't been going to that incredibly boring class all semester, and maybe you've run out of pass/fail credits. Whatever the reason is, your GPA is in danger, and you need to fix it before next year's internship season (finance majors, I'm looking at you).

In any case, we recommend that you take a quick break from obsessively calculating your GPA and watch these five failure-coping videos to clear your head and get motivated for finals.


1. Failure isn’t always a setback—it’s a stepping stone. 

Don't take it from us, take it from Oprah and the Obamas that failure is inevitable "when you're always raising the bar." While being high-achieving is great, there's no such thing as success without failure. (Also sorry folks, click the link if you want some inspiration; the video prevents embedding).

2. The real key to success: perceiving failure as a learning experience.

Barbara Corcoran reevaluates the stigma attached to failure in her personal anecdotes that not only embrace failure, but acknowledge that success and failure are not necessarily opposites.

3. Learn the art of positivity.

With more wise words from Superwoman, she makes amazing points on how to stay positive and happy through even the worst, GPA-crushing failures. She advises you to "keep in tune with yourself."

4. Relax after encountering failure.

You can't always control everything in life. Your life is constantly changing, so embrace it.

Use these Buzzfeed tips to learn how to relax before your upcoming final or research paper. They can be surprisingly helpful.

5. Advice from Steve Jobs: Even the most successful of us fail.

His main point is simply that asking for opportunities gets you places. Fear of failure is our greatest weakness, so don't let yourself sink too far into it.

After watching one or all these videos, realize that failure won't always keep you down.

It keeps you moving forward, so go back to your laptop, keep sending out applications, keep studying for that class you've been skipping, and give it your all.

Still overwhelmed? Check out our top five YouTube videos for dealing with stress.

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