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The sweet days of summer are finally approaching and you can't help but daydream about the how you'll spend your hot June days at your dream internship.

But as the Manhattan Mini Storage rep pelts you with flyers and awakens you from your vision, you remember that you don't have anywhere to live.

Finding housing is stressful in New York, especially for just a summer, so here are some nifty places to live out your Gossip Girl days in the city.

Barnard Summer Housing

There's nothing like staying close to the place that caused you stress for nine months acts like your home away from home. You can chill in Diana and explore the MoHi that you can't experience during the school year. You must submit the application by Friday, April 29. Rates range from $1,080 (interim) to $3,480 (entire summer).

Columbia Summer Housing

It's like you never left! If you're looking for easy access to Butler (who isn't??) and want to hang out with the students from Columbia High School Program, Columbia housing is perfect for you. The pros of living here over the summer are enjoying campus without the stress culture and being somewhere it still feels "homey." Rates can be as low as $1,809 and as high as $3,813.

NYU Summer Housing

Whoa, Dan Humphrey, is that you? If you want to live like a real New York City student and go to a real New York City college (obnoxiousness intended), then hit up NYU housing. This is actually a nice choice if you want to dive into city living around young people. But be careful—NYU is really insistent on not including the full rates on their housing website, so it may be pricey. Word on campus is that the NYU rates almost always run higher than Columbia's. It's like they think they're better than us or something.

Columbia University Off-Campus Housing 

This is a wonderful way to get affordable housing from Columbia fam. An important thing to remember for all renting options in New York is that you cannot legally rent an apartment for less than a 30-day period. Columbia Off-Campus Housing is relatively affordable and you can stay around the neighborhood that you've come to love.

Street Easy

Want to feel like a real NYC adult? Street Easy is a great service to use to rent an apartment in the city. This site is better if you are looking to stay for the entirety of the summer because most of the homes that are advertised are not for short-term leases. Street Easy is also aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, and millennials love that.

There aren't too many inexpensive options, but it is always good to look and see what the prices are for certain neighborhoods. can help gauge how much you should be paying in different places, and you might even get lucky and find your future home.


This is an approach to take if you want to live in luxury. You cannot realistically find an apartment on Airbnb for less than $1,500, so plan on that cost. The apartments available are pretty nice because they are catered to vacationers but let's be honest, a summer outside of MoHi (even if a few blocks away) will feel like a vacation.

There are literally thousands of apartments in the city to choose from and it can get a bit overwhelming, but don't fret. These sites and resources will help you score the perfect crib (hopefully without cockroaches and with AC).


Actually, wait, no.

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