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The recent rise in temperatures and corresponding presence of Columbia's student body on Low Steps can only mean one thing: summer is coming A$AP Ferg.

With finals szn looming, it's easy to forget that there's a world beyond Butler. But we're #blessed to go to college somewhere as incredible as NYC, and any non-New Yorker is sure to get homesick for the Big Apple over summer break.

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Whether you hail from the Golden State or come to Columbia from across the pond, make time to appreciate these things in these last few weeks before you head to the homeland.

The subway

Yes, the 1 train is notoriously unreliable during weekends. And its aroma ranges from sub-par to tinged with traces of vomit.

But for $2.75, you can get virtually anywhere in Manhattan's five boroughs—you'll bow down to the subway system after ordering enough Ubers at home to single-handedly keep them in business.

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The strange street performers

In NYC, there's entertainment around every corner. We take this for granted when we're racing to get back to campus from the Meatpacking District, but many of the people we sprint past are insanely talented.

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Stop for a second, enjoy the art, and toss a dollar their way while you're at it. Or don't, and instead buy a slice of Koronet. We don't judge.

The convenience of it all

Although there are pros and cons to living on an island the size of a pinky toe, don't underestimate the advantage of being less than a mile from whatever you need.

Craving falafel at 4 a.m.? Halal carts got your back. In desperate need of some retail therapy? There's anywhere between four and 40 stores in your immediate vicinity.

It's like postmates, but without the service charge.


At times, it's easy to get trapped in the high-stress Columbia bubble. But there's an amazing city outside the gates at 116th and Broadway, so get out and explore before it's too late and you're miles away.

nyc we will miss the bagels most of all and ofc all of our friends
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