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If you remember, a little while ago we asked the musical geniuses of Barnumbia to send us their Soundclouds, YouTube pages, and anything in between. I mean who'd pass up a free lil promo? Screw your pregame or studying playlists; just play any one of these artists, and you'll be set!

You (and me tbh) listening to these guys.

Shelby Street

"I needed an excuse to wear tight pants and have a big ego, so I started singing and playing guitar."

Shelby Street, the stage name of John Shelby Street III, CC '20, is an indie folk singer-songwriter with an entire self-produced album. Yes, it might've been made in his basement, but he's already reaching professional levels of production.

Listen to the entire album above, and follow his Soundcloud so you can be the first to jam to any new songs. If your musical booty is interested in forming an indie rock band, be sure to hit him up! Who knows, you could just be the next EVELINE.

Jayne Reel

"I started singing with musical theatre when I was really young, which slowly evolved into my own sense of style."

Jayne Reel, BC '20, is a pop singer with an incredible voice. Like, I'm talking incredible (and I'm not just trying to score free tickets to your future concerts, Jayne, like, srsly)! If your band needs a singer or if you just want someone to jam with, be sure to message her (**serious inquiries only**).

Listen to her cover of Million Years Ago by Adele, and check out her Soundcloud for more covers.

Samuel Wang

"I've studied classical music for 15 years, and after listening to and exploring different genres, decided to spend time covering my favorite tunes. I've only been keeping up this YouTube channel for a year now, but I intend on expanding, collaborating, and transforming it in the years to come here!"

Samuel Wang, CC '20, is a fantastic violinist who posts covers of hit songs on his YouTube channel. The channel doesn't have many videos as of now, but every upload is LIT, and Spectrum's personally really excited to see the channel grow over time.

Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel, and look out for covers coming out soon!

Also, check out our previous playlists for some NSOP throwbacks. If you miss these playlists, don't worry! We'll publish a Pregame Playlist every Thursday to get you excited for the weekend. Our playlist creators are self-professed music lovers from all over the Barnumbia community. If that sounds like you, email carolina.gonzalez@columbiaspectator.com expressing interest in curating an upcoming Pregame Playlist.

Huber Gonzalez is Spectrum's associate editor and a sophomore in Columbia College. You can catch him lip-syncing songs across campus (he prefers not to sing since he's aware that he's intensely tone-deaf.) Reach him at huber.gonzalez@columbiaspectator.com.

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