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The first week of shopping classes has come to an end. You got to MoHi, raring to go for classes and friends and clubs and all that, only for the first three days to shoot you down and exhaust you.

Don't worry. That's why we have the Pregame Playlist. Get excited for the weekend by blowing off steam to music that may be a little too reminiscent of the harrowing week you just had.

(What a) Wonderful World by Sam Cooke

You don't know much about history, biology, trigonometry—but hey, you're still going to try to take random electives, knowing full well you'll end up sobbing from feelings of inadequacy October onwards.

Gonna Get Over You by Sara Bareilles

You wanted to be part of Intro to American Politics so badly, but that wait-list is longer than the walk to Rite Aid, and when you turned up, people were pouring out of the Event Oval, vying to catch a glimpse of Michael Miller's orange pants and sick memes.

You spend the 11:40 a.m. slot weeping in the blue abyss of Diana LL2, wondering how you'll ever get over Prof Millz.

Shut Up and Let Me Go by the Ting Tings

You sample another class. This one's shocking… in a bad way. You're hoping the geezer will skim the syllabus and set y'all free. He does not. You wait politely for questions from the class to end. They do not. You stare at the clock until it hits 2:25 p.m. The clock is fast. All you can think of is the first line of this song.

Don’t Bring Me Down by Electric Light Orchestra

So you drop ^that class^. Except you forgot it was four credits, not three, and now you only have 11 credits in total. Looks like you need to find some one-credit class magic pretty damn soon.

As you search, you pray to the Registrar gods that your credit load isn't kept down at 11 for too long.

Ultimate by Lindsay Lohan

And you finally find a class. It's perfect. It's everything you've ever wanted in a 75-minute period. You suddenly feel a joy you haven't felt since you were ten, watching bad teen movies, like Freaky Friday. You remember that super catchy song at the end of the movie, and sing it to a syllabus.

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Sophia Hotung is Spectrum's editor and a Barnard junior. She likes listening to albums and trying to form jukebox musical plots out of all the songs. Reach her at editor@cuspectrum.com.

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