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While moving in, your mom helped you move all the furniture in your room into nine different configurations. When she left, you played more room Tetris, convinced that the set-up of your furniture would make or break your year.

Worried your not doing room set up correctly? Try some of these configurations out. Your roommate will love you.

More private parts (in your room)

Roommate? Who's that? If you're in a less-than-ideal roommate situation or didn't get that single that you wanted, this is the ideal configuration for you. While you won't have much floor space, your little corner will feel fully yours.

This configuration will create a little oasis in your double and will allow you to opt in to roommate(s). Just be warned: it can be hard to forge roommate bonds or enforce chores with a privacy set up.

The poppin’ party pad

Every square foot in your room is reserved for a turn-up. Heck, if you could move out the cumbersome "beds" and "desks" you would, but facilities just won't let you.

This set-up will surely earn you a life-of-the-party reputation, but may make you (and your belongings) vulnerable to whichever guests decided to (literally) turn up for a wild and crazy night.

Puttin’ the fun in feng shui

We're not feng shui masters, but in general, if you want a hella chi pad, don't put your bed between a window and the door, but make sure your bed has a view of the door (just not while it's directly across from it.) Simple right? … heh.

Sure, feng shui may have no foundation in western science, but if you believe in it, self-fulfilling prophecies may just be all you need to get through your semester.

**~room aesthetics~**

We're not saying that you should configure your room this way so that you can get 200,000 Tumblr notes and drop out of school to become an aesthetic blogger, but please send us a cut of that sweet Tumblr money if you do. Like most Columbia students, we like extra credit.

If you want to be the source of Tumblr/Insta envy, this is the configuration for you. Throngs of people will vie to see and be seen in your room. Keep in mind though: just because it's pretty doesn't mean it's functional. Be sure to leave space for the (ugly) bare necessities.

Cozy ‘n’ cuddly

Your favorite season is fall. (If it isn't, just work with me here so I can prove a point. Don't be a dick.) You have at least five sweaters that cover your hands (again just go with it, bud), and you only free your hands to hold a pumpkin spice latte and/or hot chocolate (not a basic white gurl, idgaf, bruh).

Ok, assuming all ^that^ is true, if you could happily live in a blanket for the rest of your life, then this is the configuration for you. Just remember that you do have to leave your room for class. That being said, you could always go to class dressed like Bridget.

Got a funky furniture configuration in your dorm room? Snapchat us your crib at @CUspectrum.

Juliana Kaplan is a Barnard sophomore and a Spectrum staff writer. She set up her room for maximum coziness because she's secretly a blanket monster. Reach her at

Sophia Hotung is a Barnard junior and Spectrum's editor. Her mum likes to send her little feng shui doo-dads in the post with detailed instructions on where to put them to increase prosperity and health. Reach

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