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It's no campus secret that if you haven't got a fake ID, and you're looking to par-tee, EC is your place.

East Campus, commonly referred to as EC, is the cornerstone of Columbia's party scene. It perfectly combines two things Barnumbia students love most: pure desperation and stunning NYC skyline views.

But to a newbie or even to a seasoned EC party partaker, EC can be a bit difficult to master. So here's a few tips and tricks guaranteed to help you not make (such a big) fool out of yourself next time you're invited to a rager.

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Not all EC suites are made equal.

Know what layout you're dealing with. There are the typical suites, the more exclusive townhouses, and the tragic doubles. Understanding where you are is integral to finding the major keys of a party: the bathroom, the window, and the kitchen (aka the bar). Adapting your party style to your surroundings is prime.

Sign in smarter.

If you're a lovely Barnard babe, a simple swipe cannot grant you access to all of EC's wonders (thanks, Prezbo). To avoid the dreaded (and embarrassing) desperate wait by the front desk, we recommend that you coordinate a sign-in process ahead of time, with a pal of yours who happens to live in EC. Bypass potential awkwardness by picking a pal who is also invited to the party you're attending.

Travel in packs.

Friends are helpful to have around, but not only because practicing safe alcohol conduct is a major key. It's difficult and tbh dangerous to navigate the labyrinth like structures of EC solo. Ohana means family. And family means that nobody gets left behind (at EC, when everyone else decides to go to Mel's).

Live footage of me trying to escape leave a crowded EC rager

Escape while you’re still ahead.

The most important key to an EC party is knowing when to leave. Here's a few warning signs that mean you should either start barhopping or move the fiesta back to your home base:

The entire floor is covered in a half inch of liquid (bodily, edible, alcoholic, etc.) That creepo has “accidentally” touched your butt seven times You can’t breathe through the smell of teenage sweat Other people are leaving (they know!!!) Someone has thrown up

Follow our guide, and you'll be partying your impenetrable sadness away like a pro in no time!


And if you would like to host your own rager, but don't live in the spacious accommodations of East Campus, check out our article about how to host a (very) successful party in a (very) small space.

Other party-related questions? Comment down below, Facebook message us, Tweet us, or Snapchat us @CUspectrum.

Anna Lokey is Spectrum's deputy editor and a Columbia College sophomore. She says you should never under any circumstances drink the jungle juice. She can be reached at and @annalokey.

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