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Are you always getting thrown out of libraries at 11 p.m.? In the city that never sleeps, studying is an all-hours event, but many libraries and coffee shops haven't gotten the memo.

This midterms season, when every Butler seat is occupied by a sleeping zombie student, where else can you go for late-night studying? Well, potentially these late-night haunts...

Joe Coffee

Looking for a minimalist vibe? Joe Coffee is your spot. The chairs aren't the comfiest and the tables aren't the roomiest, but the airy and open space can bring a (false) sense of order to your workload.

NoCo's Joe Coffee closes at 8 p.m., and NoCo ~technically~ closes at 11 p.m. However, snagging a seat at Joe before 11 p.m. means you can usually remain indefinitely into the night. Maybe even stay on until morning to be first in line for coffee?

The lights aren't kept on after-hours (since you're technically not meant to be studying here,) but if you're working from a computer or device, you don't really need overhead lighting. That being said, your mother may be angry at you for damaging your eyesight by working in the dark.

Mudd—all of it!

It may have an ugly name, but Mudd sure does have the beautiful quality of welcoming tired nerds at all hours of the night. All rooms are open and the lounge and study area on the ground floor by the entrance is a modern, window-ful spot to set up for an erudite night.

Brooks Study Lounge

Live out your Hogwarts fantasies in Brooks. Located at the entrance to the Quad dorm, the lounge brings that Butler aesthetic without the crowds, sea of sadness, empty beer cans, or soul-crushing vibes.

With its classic collegiate feel from the polished wood, ~mood lighting~, and nice long tables, the lounge will have you curling up in a plush armchair with your hefty psych readings. You'll feel like Hermione in no time.

The study lounge's adjacent TV room is also convenient for study breaks. Watch an episode of Scandal on the couch before getting back to your work. The TV room also doubles as a great spot for group projects or practicing presentations.

There are cons though: Non-Barnard students need to be signed in. It can get drafty, so you'll need a sweater or blanky. Finally, outlets are few and far between so it's probably not as laptop-friendly as these other options.


Walking into Brooks like.

Wien Lounge

Need a walk to clear your head before studying? Make the trek across College Walk to Wien Lounge. High ceilings, cocktail tables, and desks fused to armchairs bring the class (heh get it) to studying.

Even if you're a Barnardigan or GSer, you usually don't need a sign-in to infiltrate the lounge. However, consider studying with some friends who live in Wien. If you need to use the bathroom or printer without going outside, you'll need them to sign you in.

Another thing to note: Wien Lounge is a rehearsal hub due to (~despite~) its great (~terribly echoey~) acoustics. While the lounge is often open to students studying, don't be surprised if you intrude on Bhangra rehearsals.

Barnard Hall's fourth floor

The cozy nooks at the ends of Barnard Hall's fourth floor hallway are often overlooked. Comfy chairs, big tables, bookcases, and even a fancy rug? This study spot has it all, tbh. (Well, except desks.)

There are only a few seats, and it's usually pretty quiet. After your class in Barnard 409 ends at 4:10 p.m., you (and whichever English professor is staying late) have the place almost all to yourselves.

You in Barnard Hall after classes end.

Jerome Greene Hall a.k.a. the Law School

Realized you have a test to study for while walking back to EC? Check out the law school's study hubs, accessible by the Law School bridge or Amsterdam. The first and second floor both contain ample seating, sofas, tables, and desks.  That being said, watch out for über-competitive grad students doing group work and trying to one-up each other.


When that one grad student at Jerome Greene becomes ruler of the communal Google Doc.

The law building doesn't require swipe ins during these times, but after hours CUID holders can still beep in. If you have a Barnard ID, you won't be able to swipe once the doors lock, but other nocturnal n00bs often swipe in and out throughout the night, and someone's bound to hold the door open for you soon enough.

Dorm lounges and computer labs

For the truly lazy or those burdened with the weight of hardcover textbooks, there are always dorm lounges and computer labs. They're obviously convenient and open all night, but quality can vary.

Dorm lounge highlights include the Carman basement for its natural light and comfy seating, the Schapiro sky lounge for its #views, and, for some late-night computing, the Sulz computer lab for its four mighty printers and proximity to vending machines.

Happy studying, Columbia! Please remember to, you know, sleep. Your roommates may start renting out your bed as an Airbnb if you're gone for too long.

Got your own super secret late-night study spots that we didn't mention? Comment down below, Tweet us, or Snapchat us @CUspectrum.

Juliana Kaplan is a Barnard sophomore and a Spectrum staff writer. Her favorite form of late-night studying is sleeping. You can reach her at or @julianamkaplan.

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