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Time to break out the Timbs, everyone. The first snowfall of the season has come! It was only a light flurry (if even that), but it was definitely there.

If you were outside between 9:30 and 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, you may have experienced the only precipitation in New York that didn’t make everyone miserable.

Some people may be even more excited than most. Spectrum’s resident West Coasters Veronica and Huber, who hail from New Mexico and California, respectively, were delighted.


Desert-dwelling Speccies marvel at their first snow

While the first snowfall has preceded Thanksgiving this year, it’s a preview of the season to come. Start preparing yourselves now for yearly campus snowball fights, eggnog that you spiked to make it through family holiday parties, and *shudders* (but not from the cold) finals.

If the weather has made you concerned about the impending winter, Spectrum has got you covered: learn how to stay warm, which clothes are a must, and the best tips to recreate your childhood holiday memories.

Did you or a friend have a major reaction to the snow? Is the winter your personal heaven or hell? Comment down below, Tweet us, or Snapchat us @CUSpectrum.

Miles Greenspoon is a Spectrum staff writer and GS/JTS junior. Having lived in the Northeast his entire life, he is very unimpressed by this “snowfall.” To chastise him for his winter privilege, reach him at or @mileshasjokes.

GIF courtesy of Veronica Grace Taleon.


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