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Now showcasing Barnumbia's most thought-provoking artists.

Last week, you sent us your Snapchat art for a chance to win a Muji surprise package. (The "surprise" isn't Muji's $120 aroma diffuser. Sorry to the person who was wondering.*)

*That person was Fabiola. Read on to see her Snapsterpiece.

You guys sent us bees, cats, rabbits, creatures of all kinds, but which took home the grand Muji prize? Here are our favorites from the week.

Runner-Up #5: Jorge Ochoa, CC ’19, aka my roommate

Rude. Nice color scheme, though. You could almost say it's a…spectrum. Tee-hee. I'll show myself out now.

@jorgeochoa1 / via Snapchat

Runner-Up #4: Demme Durrett, BC ’19

Cats don't have hearts for eyes, dear Demme. Then again, according to Picasso, "We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth"* (ooh, how deep). Obviously you have an overwhelming love for Muji, as do your fellow contestants. Consider yourself analyzed.

*Taken from my Monday Art Hum Powerpoint.

@demmed / via Snapchat

Runner-Up #3: Emil Mella, CC ’19

Alliteration coupled with the drawing's obvious emotion makes this truly stand out. We resonate with this because we, too, are concerned about the bees. #SaveTheBees.

@emilmella / via Snapchat

Runner-Up #2: Fabiola Plaza, CC ’19

There's no saving you now, Fabi. (Can I call you Fabi? Imma do it anyways. Try and stop me.) At least you woke up outside as opposed to inside. That way you can go to class. Speaking of which, pay attention to your lecture, ya dingus. Your art can wait.

@fabiholaa / via Snapchat

Runner-Up #1: Phoenix Collins, CC ’19

Moral of the story (that we never told): Get yourself a man who can multitask. We would also love to see his magic show sometime soon. Let us know when you're selling tickets.

@phoenix.collins / via Snapchat

Winner: Katherine Uriarte, CC ’19

Congratulations, Katherine! You're the grand prize winner of our Muji extravaganza prize! Your ability to draw yourself as Ariel makes us all truly envious of your artistic ability. You're hands-down the biggest artiste in all of Barnumbia. Probably.

@kateuri / via Snapchat

Thanks to everyone who submitted, and congrats to everyone featured in this article. You're all amazing artists, and I would love a lesson on how to make myself a Disney princess.

Spectrum holds a bunch of contests. Some give money, some give fame and glory. Why not join in on the fun? Be sure to check out Election Day Snaps and best Halloween costumes.

Huber Gonzalez is a Columbia College sophomore and Spectrum's associate editor in charge of user-generated content. He's extremely jealous of everyone's artistic abilities (except for Jorge's). Reach him at to teach him the art of Snapchat.

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