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Fall semester never seems to end. While some of you crawl back to your living holes alone, others are able to push through the semester with a partner-in-crime. (That's your roommate.)

Some of you may be besties with your roommate. Some of you may have never spoken to them outside of NSOP. Either way, there are some stories that haven't escaped those four white walls…until now. That's right, everyone, it's time to spill all the tea* about your roomie.

We'll let you do suitemates and hallmates too, since a tale of nasty dishes in the sink, laundry thievery, or corridor nudity never hurt anyone… yet.

“But that’s none of my business.*”

Has your roommate left their side of the room messy for the past four months, making you proud owners of a fruit fly colony? Did you accidentally walk in on them doing the deed*? Got some super dark secrets you're willing to share? Then fill out the form below! You can remain anonymous if you don't want your roommate hating you.

*The deed = holding a seance.

We'll be posting the wildest stories next week and bestowing upon the winning storyteller a Muji gift package! Be sure to share it with your roommate, since they will have helped you win. (Yes, even if they suck.)

Want to enter and maybe win some Muji madness? Fill out the form above, or click here.


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Huber Gonzalez is a Columbia College sophomore and Spectrum's associate editor in charge of user-generated content. He says that he loves the cold but he's lowkey freezing under his smile. Reach him at to complain about the cold.

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