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Think back to three months ago: before your hallway smelled like puke; before the Sweetgreen and Chipotle lines became unbearable; before your idealistic attitude of "This semester will be my best one yet!" was crushed by the weight of your psych and calc textbooks.

Three months ago, you were decking your room out in aesthetic photos and school swag, swearing up and down that you would keep it clean and tidy. You even lasted a few weeks before you stopped making your bed. But come October, trash magically made its way to the floor instead of the garbage can. By November, you finally found your notes for your first chem midterm.

Well, it's December, and chances are even the roaches are judging the messiness of your dorm. Take a look around your room—does it hold up to your September standards? Spectrum guesses it doesn't.

The bed and walls

Three months ago, your most-uttered phrase may have been "Check out my aesthetic," but now it's "Darn diggity, what happened to my lights?" You've run out of sticky tack to hang up your Ferris Bueller poster (for the 12th time). Now it sags down to the floor, looking as defeated as you feel. Also, remember when you said you were going to make your bed every day? LOL.

The desk

Perhaps you said you were going to start working in your room to beat procrastination. That was a great plan, until your desk became a depository for all of your random shit. Do some dumpster desk diving for artifacts of your past, pre-midterm self. Find a ticket stub from that concert you went to downtown, or maybe that pack of Muji pens you won from a Spectrum contest (shameless plug).

The floor

It used to be so spotless, and the rug really tied the room together. If you're like me, you started dropping clothes on the floor about one millisecond after you moved in. Add some crumbs here, a spilled coffee there, and now you've given the floor some ~personality~. But seriously, get a broom and clean that shit up, unless you want some crawly critters to move in.

If your room isn't up to your standards, don't worry! You can always redecorate next semester. Just be sure to give it a nice, deep clean before you leave for break, so you don't come back to your own filth.

Does your room look anything like these illustrations? Are you in the minority of those who have cleaned their room more than once this semester? Comment down below, Facebook message us, Tweet us, or Snapchat us @CUSpectrum to share your thoughts.

Miles Greenspoon is a Spectrum staff writer and a GS/JTS junior. His room has smelled kinda funky for weeks, and he has no idea why. Chastise him at or @mileshasjo

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