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We will all start 2017 with fresh New Year's resolutions, optimistic that we'll finally make Big Changes™ in our lives. Maybe we'll actually step foot in Dodge, wake up for that 8:40, or finally eat something with nutritional value.

Unfortunately for those of you who were going to count Jamba Juice as your daily fruit intake, JJ's will no longer offer the incredibly healthy beverages next semester. :'(

JJ's will, however, start offering their own smoothies. For a limited time only you'll be able to vote on a name for the new "smoothery." (Sadly, we have to vote from a list of seven approved names:

JJ’s Smoothery JJ’s Smoothie Project JJ’s Smoothie Stop Culture Smoothie JJ’s Blended JJ’s Cool Zone JJ’s Smootheez

None of the names are that great, and some of them flat-out don't make sense. Culture Smoothie? Unless you plan on taking these to a Global Core lecture, we're not sure what that means. JJ's Smoothie Project? Kind of sounds like an elementary school student's science fair project. Cool Zone? We're not cool… Tbh though, CU Dining knew we'd come up with super NSFW write-in votes.

It's kind of a bummer that the nearest Jamba Juice is now a 1 train ride on the edge of Bryant Park, but who knows? ~JJ's Cool Zone~ or ~JJ's Smootheez~ may be even better.

Will this change severely impact your life? Have a better suggestion for what to call the new smoothie zone? Tell us about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat @CUSpectrum.

Victoria Yang is a Spectrum staff writer and a SEAS first-year. She has swiped into JJ's solely for Jamba Juice. She now has no reason to live. Reach her at

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