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We are so excited to announce our successors, Spectator's 141st Managing Board. We are so proud of all that you have done as leaders, mentors, and innovators, and cannot wait to see you all take Spectator—and its staff—to new heights.

Much Spec Love,

The 140th Turkeyshoot Board

Editor in Chief: Catie Edmondson

Managing Editor: J. Clara Chan

Publisher: Anurak Saelaow

News Editors: Aaron Holmes, Jessica Spitz

Opinion Editor: Hannah Barbosa-Cesnik

Sports Editor: Austin Horn

Design Editor: Amanda Frame

Spectrum Editor: Veronica Grace Taleon

Managing Editor of the Eye: Rébecca Ausseil

Photo Editor: Yasmine Akki

Copy Editor: Kaatje Greenberg

Deputy Publisher: Michael Tai


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